Friday, October 28, 2016

Halloween Parade Tips

The children are clearly excited for next week. Halloween is certainly one an elementary student's favorite days of the year. As you know we'll have our Halloween Parade on Monday at 1:45. I felt it was appropriate to offer some tips as it only happens once a year and some things are easy to forget.

  • Have students bring their costumes in a bag. It is hard for them to concentrate during the day in their costumes and unless your teacher has told you something different, they will have time to change into their costumes before the parade.
  • Please remember, no fake weapons or bloody/gory costumes. We have little ones who could be frightened.
  • Parking will be tight. Please carpool if possible. 
  • Please park in safe areas. There may be children on the playground and in the back fields when you arrive, those places will not be available for parking. 
  • Often, classrooms plan special activities after the parade so plan on letting your child go back to class after the parade and take their normal bus or ride home after dismissal.
  • Please limit the amount of candy children bring to school during the week for snack. One small piece per day is appropriate with a healthy snack and lunch.
  • Have Fun!!!
The PTO is also hosting a Pumpkin Fest on Saturday from 3:00 - 5:00 in the back field. We look forward to seeing you all and wish you a wonderful weekend! 

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