Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Welcome to My Blog!

Welcome to my new blog. It is my hope that I can keep the community up to date on Conant happenings, district news and share interesting research and articles about timely topics. In this first post I want to thank everyone who worked so hard to make the annual Craft Fair such a huge success. Parents, teachers and even former students all pitched in to make it a successful day for shoppers and vendors alike. In my opinion, the event is an amazing display of how supportive the Conant community has become. It is this team approach we hope to continue to bring to all of our school wide and PTO activities. The more we all get involved the more successful and easier it will become to continue to grow as a school community.

As the cold weather approaches I'd like to remind everyone that it is vitally important that children are dressed appropriately for the weather. Unless it is dangerously cold, dangerously snow or ice storming or raining, students go out to recess. This unstructured play time is vital for their well being, social and educational development. Please remind your children that they don't look cool wearing a T-shirt and shorts in snow...they just look cold!!

Students sometimes have injuries or serious illnesses that make recess a bad option. Often we receive doctor's notes asking to keep children inside during recess. We, of course, find alternate activities for students at this time and keep them in. Sometimes, however, we get notes about keeping a student in from recess because they have a cough or runny nose. Unless we have a note from a doctor or an obvious injury, all students go to recess. If your child is too sick to go out to recess, they are too sick to come to school and should stay home to recover.

Our Halloween parade is set for October 31st. at 1:45 PM. We are looking forward to the festivities. Please remember fake weapons and or gory costumes are better left at home as we have a wide range of ages with a wider range of sensitivities participating and we want our parade to be fun for all. Thank you!

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