Thursday, October 5, 2017

Welcome October!

The first month of school has certainly flown by quickly. We were very fortunate to start the year with a sparkling clean building, most of our supplies, wonderful students and families and outstanding teachers and staff members. I was very impressed with our strong turnout for our open houses and the support shown for our PTO at their recent events. Conant is truly a special community.

As you learned at open house, we are launching an exciting literacy initiative this month involving the trait of belonging. Look for examples of this work throughout the month and ask your children about what they are learning about belonging. When you read together, discuss examples of belonging to develop the concept and further build a love of reading.

We spoke about the new homework policy at open house and there is an informational evening on the 24th of this month as well (details are forthcoming). Here at Conant, we’ve been exploring this issue for a few years. Some may see a reduction in the amount of homework but the focus and purpose of homework will be stronger. I’ve been asked by parents how they can teach their children time management and responsibility if they do not have homework every night. My suggestion is to teach your children to help out at home. Assign chores, get them involved in cooking and assign time for them to “amuse” themselves without electronics. Make them go outside and play. They will eventually get tired of telling you they are bored and will begin to explore the yard, exercise or find friends to play with.

The world is a much more complex place for children now then when we was growing up. Don’t forget that you are the most important teacher your children will ever have. We also know we  have a strong influence and try our best everyday to instill the values of hard work, empathy and kindness while also teaching the curriculum but our time is limited. You have the time and power to provide your children with experiences and activities that enrich their learning and build skills, you also have the power to ensure they get unstructured time to build their own understanding of the world. Striking a balance in the key to strong development.